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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tagged again

i have been taged by Cheryl stamps and stuff
Now for 7 things about me
1. i a make internet lessons for alota rubberstamps
2. was lucky enough to go to USA for a visit in 2001
3. twice a week i go to a card making group and have so much fun there
4. favorite card making tool would have to be my stamps ( all of them )
5. youngest of 9 children in my family
6. hate to be told that things cant be done (specialy when it comes to paper craft
7. love walking along the beach in winter

NOW for my 7 tags
1. eleonor's stamping blog
2. Embellished
3. Virginia's blog
4. Expresso yourself
5. Whimsical Creations
6. Whirlpool of Imagination
7. A Dragonflys garden

1 comment:

Kate said...

Thanks for the tag!!! It's our first one. I will have to work on this this weekend. Thanks for looking and great blog!!
~~Expresso Yourself~~