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Monday, April 30, 2007


I am so happy today. The creative memories party i went to on Saturday i did splash out and spend money (don't do that much these days as i am now on limited funds ) well i brought a geometric multi-maker punch i am so happy it was delivered today (even happier as i thought that i would have to wait weeks but no only 2 days wow that was quick for a party plan ) Anyways i have made one card today and lots of other things ready though. This card of course was using the multi punch and then i weaved paper strips in and then i added a darcies bee bear matted on yellow and black and since i lined the card in yellow and used the multi punch on the lining i used the punched out pieces to add a little effect to the matting

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pop up card

I love these frog saying stamps by third coast and today i was going through my darcies stamps and found the nappy stamp so i inked it up to it looks like underpants and not nappy and then thought of the wording and went and got my inkadinkado frog stamp and made it into a pop up card. ENJOY

Tools of the trade

Alota rubberstamps were used for the tools and word stamp was darcies rubberstamps

Robot friends

this one was made using bampop robot stamp (one i cut his legs and arms so i could make him sit down ) and cuttlebug for the backgrounds

Tool time

This card i think is called a tunnel card i loved doing this one i used darcies tool bear , alota rubberstamps for the tools in the background and cuttlebug to do the front of the card and the words

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two more alota quilt cards

Here is two more quilt cards made with alota rubberstamps and postage stamp shaped punches (these cards were made back in sept 2006

Monkey quilt card

this is another quilt card made with stamp up stamps and postage stamp shaped punch. the arrranged on the card to look like a quilt

Light house quilt card

Well after a wonderful day a creative memories party today i did not get a chance to make anything (other than my scrapbook page at the party ,which i plan to put of the written part of it and print one out of the computer as i am not happy with it ) So i thought i would send you a card i had made in september last year. I love this technique it is using a postage stamp shape punch .then arrangng it one card stock too look like a quilt

Friday, April 27, 2007


This card was made using cutllebug for the background and a rubberstamp of moon surface (unknown) and then i used QuicKutz dies to cut he aliens

Thursday, April 26, 2007

300+ photos

I have just uploaded 300+ photos to my yahoo photo album and flickr album 4 , 3, 2, 1.
Grab you self a cupper and have a peak
i am going to log off now i have had a busy day

House Mouse teabag card

This is a card i made back in 2001. And found it again today when i was going through my cds. To good to leave off the blog. stamp used is house mouse.

Egganimals 4 little guys

these are all done using the some assembly required egg stamps adding to the egg to make an egganimal. the front lifts of to show a little guy inside. The following blogs show there up closer enjoy

P.S. this photo was taken by Sandy from sars

Bee Egganimal

This also was done using the some assembly required egg stamps adding to the egg to make an egganimal. the front lifts of to show a little bee inside

Frog egganimal

This also was done using the some assembly required egg stamps adding to the egg to make an egganimal. the front lifts of to show a little frog inside


This also was done using the some assembly required egg stamps adding to the egg to make an egganimal. the front lifts of to show a little penguin inside


this was made using some assembly required stamps . it was the egg and i added the rest to make him into an Owl the front lifts of to show the little owl inside

Lady bird egganimal

This little guy was made using some assembly required stamps the egg and i added to him to make him a lady bird

Hot Air Balloon

While i was gathering heaps of my art work of my backups cds i came across a few that were too good to just put on the my flicker and my yahoo sites so i thought i would post them here this is a balloon i made using card stock back in 2001 The stamps were house mouse and debbie dolls . the rope of the balloon is darcies stamp

Lazy days

This skeleton was cut using QuicKutz dies (it is a two set dies and you build him . also used cuttlebug embossing folder for the one of the background pieces

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We will collect the honey

another card inspired by the the accordian book from craft weekly this one each panel is 4" square And the stamps are alota rubberstamps

Bugs out for the DAY

this one was done using the idea for the accordian book from craft weekly but i managed to fold it with an A5 sheet of paper and do the same sort of tryfold card as the light house
the bugs used in this one is alota rubberstamps

Tagged again

i have been taged by Cheryl stamps and stuff
Now for 7 things about me
1. i a make internet lessons for alota rubberstamps
2. was lucky enough to go to USA for a visit in 2001
3. twice a week i go to a card making group and have so much fun there
4. favorite card making tool would have to be my stamps ( all of them )
5. youngest of 9 children in my family
6. hate to be told that things cant be done (specialy when it comes to paper craft
7. love walking along the beach in winter

NOW for my 7 tags
1. eleonor's stamping blog
2. Embellished
3. Virginia's blog
4. Expresso yourself
5. Whimsical Creations
6. Whirlpool of Imagination
7. A Dragonflys garden

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Light house trifold card

This card was addapted from a accordian book i seen on craft tv weekly and instead of using 6 " paper to fold the panels i used 12 " paper to fold the panels which made each panel measure 6" square idea for this card (the craft weekly had made a book)

Monday, April 23, 2007

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by L8ybug stamper
i am only just learning about this tagged thing so hope i am doing this right.
7 things about myself and tag 7 people ok hear goes

1. i live in Australia
2. married with a 15 year old son
3. Love card making ( i do lots of other types of cards but this is still my favorite)
4. Have been card making for over 25 years now (cant remember how long excaxtly though )
5. Other hobby i have is riding around on my bike (trike)
6. Love hot air balloons also been up in them which was great
7. would hate to stop learning about things in life and card making

Now for my 7 tags

enjoy these sites as much as i did

SARS stars

this is made using sars (some assembly required) dies and the letting cut with the cricut


This is a bluerobot i made many years ago out of felt he is helping me hold my card that i am in the middle of making

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tea time

the stamps used on this one are alota rubbberstamps and once again i used modern grid technique (which i got from a wonderful technique newsleter i subscribe too called technique junky it is a newsleter taht comes out every two month and is great

golden friends

Made this card using cuttlebug , sizzix and word stamps from darcies

Thursday, April 19, 2007

friends cuttlebug

this one was done with cuttle bug and darcies stamps

frogs frogs

this card when closed is 4" x 6" . The stamps used are a set from third coast rubberstamps

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

stampin up monkeys

another card this time i used stampin up stamps enjoy