Scrap Factory Expanaion Packs

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31st october 2006

yesterday we went on a 18 kilometer bike ride yesterday
here is a card i made late 2005 i used a blister of a package of something i got I dont throw away any of the blisters of any of my packaging blisters i use them on my card CHEAPER THAT WAY and less land fill .
the bug is an alota rubberstamp (one of my favorite stamp companies
the balloon is a eureka rubber stamp
the sky si spounged with a cloud stencil and the grass is hand cut

Monday, October 30, 2006

monday 30th october 2006

Hi all
Recovering after a 30Kilometer bike ride yesterday .
i do a lot of paper crafts and card making and over the next blogs i will include some of my scans of things i have made in the past and things i am making now.