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Saturday, March 11, 2017

LOOK What happened to my Black croc's

OK I only wear crocs these days and tomorrow 
I need to be in costume again and crocs dont
suit the costume I got paint and painted them with 
metallic colours and Neal then got some of my charms 
and added to the band .

 Off to steam fest tomorrow

Sunday, March 05, 2017

LIght House Regional Arts Tasmania
Our local Arts association is Lighthouse Regional Arts (LRA)
bringing the arts to our region.
IF you would like to take a look 

FOUR years!!

Four years ago we moved to Tasmania 
for a quiet life. Did that happen? Hmm 
we do more now than we did on the main land .
Think wombat has the right idea rest and relax !

WIngs and things

Just a few photos of us on the 19th Feb 2017 at 
The Wings and things in George town .
Photo taken by

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

TEDDY Fred Lily Blanc Cliquer De Vitesse AND Hildebrand Mousehammer's Day at the RACES

Saturday , TEDDY Fred,  Lily Blanc Cliquer De Vitesse 
 AND  Hildebrand Mousehammer
spent a day at the Races (Evandale Penny Farthing Races that is ) 
Feb 2017
Had a FANTASTIC time .
 Met more Steampunk fans
 We joined the parade.
some more steampunk

added to the back of our hat this time 
Great day we had in Evandale Tasmania 
(Tasmania's home of Penny Farthing)

Monday, February 06, 2017

Lily Blanc Cliquer De Vitesse AND Hildebrand Mousehammer

Lily Blanc Cliquer De Vitesse
 Hildebrand Mousehammer

This past Saturday was our first week doing 
our turn at selling Raffle tickets in the 
Brisbane Mall Launceston.
selling the tickets all the way up to 
noon on the 24th June 2017.
 So the past 4 months I have been working on Neal's vest 
and my costume. 
Here is it soo far  (mine still needs things added to it 
up until the steampunk tasmania festival , but least it is now 
wearable in the mean time.)

Then since we were out in public in costume anyways
(those that know me would be surprised I dressed like this in public!)
On the way out of Launceston we went and took photos 
at steampunky looking things 

OH and closer look at the embroidery so far

(if some had of told me 4 years ago that i would move to 
Tasmania and be dressing up like this and going out in
public I would have told them that they were crazy)


Looking for the Steampunk Hats

We brought our hats and each of us decorated ours.
Knowing that my costume as not going to have a 
robot on it at all!! I knew what i wanted to put on 
my hat.

Now on to my costume !! Stay tuned !


Sunday, January 22, 2017

What I did with my ART YARN

OK Christmas has came (or did it?) and gone 
and now it is time to get back into doing lots of 
fun things . Friday (two days ago) was our first 
weaving day back for the year . So I found the last
of my black merino yarn and my Art yarn. Warped up
the ashford sampler loom with the black and wound two
shuttles with the art yarn so that they have the colours starting 
at different places and one shuttle with black .
I did three rows of black yarn then followed by one of the art yarns
coming through the shed from the right coming out or the warp when
   the cocoon starts and then back in when it finishes so that 
all of them are not woven into the warp. Doing the same with the second
shuttle but starting from the left this time . Then followed but 
three plain weaves of black.
(photos of me at open day spin in public)